Our Services

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Acute Kidney Failure

Hypertension:commonly mentioned as High BP

Hypotension:Low BP,including orthostatic hypotension

Kidney Transplant:referrals and post transplant long term care

Kidney Donor follow up care

Genetic Kidney Disorders


Diabetes and your Kidneys: Kidney disease resulting from Diabetes is number one cause of CKD

Edema:Commonly referred as swelling

Renal Replacement Therapy: In the form of dialysis or kidney transplant services.We are a big proponent of home dialysis to keep your life on dialysis as close to normal as possible

Recurrent Urinary tract infectons

Kidney stones

Polycystic and cystic Kidney Diseases

Cardiorenal disease:Kidney disorders associated or complicating heart disease and heart failure

Various Electrolyte Disorders like sodium ,potassium and Magnesium related disorders

Pregnancy related Kidney disease and Hypertension